Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mule Dip

This yummy layered dip comes from the folks who make Old Mule BBQ Sauce, a thick & rich, perkily peppery, subtly sweet & smoky barbecue sauce from the North Carolina mountains.

2 8oz packages of cream cheese, softened (regular or reduced-fat)
1 package of taco seasoning mix
1 can refried black beans
1 cup Old Mule BBQ Sauce
2 cups shredded lettuce
2 cups grated cheese (I use cheddar and/or Monterey jack)
1 cup diced tomatoes

Blend together the cream cheese and taco seasoning. Spread on a plate or in the bottom of a wide bowl. On top, spread a thin layer of refried beans, then spread the Old Mule BBQ Sauce on top. You can repeat layers if desired. Top with shredded cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Serve with chips, or raw veggies or pita wedges for dipping.

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