Monday, January 10, 2011

Carolina Sauce Closing Early Today

The snow has started falling here, so in the interest of safety the Carolina Sauce Company is closing early today, at 4:30pm. We've already sent our warehouse staff home, and I hope to head out soon myself, as freezing rain is supposed to follow the snow. Road conditions permitting, we plan on re-opening tomorrow morning no later than 10 am. If that should change, I'll post a notice here early tomorrow morning (assuming we haven't lost power at home). As always, you'll still be able to order online anytime -- unless of course YOU don't have power -- and we'll resume shipping out orders as soon as our warehouse is open again. Unfortunately some of our suppliers from the Charlotte area have been hit with lots of snow today and this has delayed our re-stocking efforts, but we'll continue catching up on post-holiday orders as soon as we receive our back-ordered inventory (hopefully by Wednesday).

Thanks for your patience and understanding, and stay safe & warm if you're in a cold & snowy area!

Zestfully yours,

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