Monday, February 28, 2011

Outta the Park Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce

If you like your BBQ sauce to be thick and rich, tomato-based, and big on fiery heat, you're going to love the new Outta The Park Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce, from the creator of the original award-winning Outta The Park BBQ Sauce. Like the original, the Hot & Spicy version is a classic American barbecue sauce made with all-natural ingredients including tomatoes, brown sugar, mustard and savory spices. But while the original starts off mild and finishes with a pleasantly peppery kick and a touch of zippy ginger, the new Hot & Spicy Outta The Park BBQ Sauce leads off with a powerful hot-pepper punch and more gingery zing. But don't worry, you'll still get plenty of that mouthwatering tangy-tomato flavor that's made the original Outta The Park a favorite of young and old alike--just be prepared for some fiery heat from the secret blend of hot chilies, the additional fresh ginger, and extra dash (or three) of hot sauce that have been masterfully added to create the Hot & Spicy version.

If you taste Outta The Park Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce straight from the bottle, you'll probably notice the fiery heat level first, especially if you're used to the tamer original. But don't worry, the heat settles down to a food-friendly medium-hot when you baste or slather the sauce on food while it's cooking (preferably during the last 15 minutes). The end result is deliciously robust with enough of a hot pepper burn to please folks who crave hot & spicy foods, but not so hot as to burn out your taste buds.

Enjoy Outta The Park Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce just as you would the original: On ribs, chicken, pork, venison, kabobs of all sorts, shrimp and stronger flavored grilled fish (tuna, salmon, mackerel), robust veggies like portobello mushrooms, and mixed into hamburgers, meatloaf, sloppy joes, cocktail meatballs, baked beans and other recipes where you'd use tomato sauce or ketchup but want a bolder flavor. Like the original recipe, Outta The Park Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce is all-natural and mostly organic, and has no high fructose corn syrup and no MSG. Unlike the original which uses butter for added richness, the Hot & Spicy version is dairy-free, substituting expeller-pressed safflower oil for the butter in order to preserve that satisfyingly rich mouthfeel. Both flavors of Outta The Park BBQ Sauce are currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company, and you'll get a FREE recipe card when you order either flavor from us!

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