Sunday, February 13, 2011

Top 10 Best-Selling Gift Sets for 2010

Here are the top ten best-selling gift sets from the Carolina Sauce Company for all of 2010:

1. For the third consecutive year, the Mild version of our NC Barbecue Sauce Gift Set was our top selling gift set. This ever-popular food gift comes with 6 full-size bottles of North Carolina BBC sauces representing the different regional styles found in NC, plus FREE recipes and instructions for making genuine Carolina pulled pork barbecue.

2. Repeating in second place was the Hot version of our NC Barbecue Sauce Gift Set, featuring 6 full-size bottles of hot & spicy North Carolina BBQ sauces representing the different regional BBQ styles in NC. Like the mild version, this hot gift set comes with FREE recipes and instructions for making genuine Carolina pulled pork barbecue.

3. Moving up from its 10th place finish the previous year to finish third in 2010 was the Mild version of our Bone Suckin' Sauce Gift Set, which comes with 2 jars of Bone Suckin Sauce (Original and Thicker style), a bottle each of the savory Bone Suckin' Yaki marinade and original Bone Suckin' Seasoning & Rub, and a jar of the mild version of Bone Suckin' Salsa, plus FREE Bone Suckin' recipes.

4. Moving down one spot was the "customizable" George's BBQ Sauce Gift Box with three full-size bottles of this popular eastern NC barbecue sauce. You choose which flavors of George's BBQ Sauce to include in the gift box (mild Original, spicy Hot, and thick & spicy Special), and we include lots of FREE recipes!

5. Our mild Grilling Party Gift Set comes with all the sauces, seasonings and condiments you need for barbecuing, tailgating and outdoor entertaining: BBQ & grilling sauces, wing sauce, salsa, mustard, seasoned peanuts and more!

6. Moving up a couple of spots was our Hot Wings Gift Set, with 4 bottles of zesty wing sauces ranging from traditional Buffalo style to gourmet and exotic, plus a bottle of Anchor Bar Bleu Cheese Sauce from the birthplace of Buffalo wings, the famous Anchor Bar in Buffalo NY

7. Our brand-new Taste of NC Gift Set made an impressive debut as 2010's 7th most popular gift set. This collection comes with 8 different gourmet products made in NC, including steak sauce, crab cake sauce, pepper jelly, pasta sauce, seasoned peanuts, BBQ sauce and more, all at a bargain price!

8. Our Lawyer's Gift Set features 4 judicially-named hot sauces with comical labels, including Lawyer's Breath, So Sue Me, Under the Influence, and Contempt of Court.

9. A favorite with snackers and a popular Father's Day gift, our Peanut Lover's Gift Set comes with 4 full-size cans of seasoned gourmet peanuts: Carolina BBQ peanuts, Hot Honeys (chipotle-honey roasted peanuts), Wasabi Peanuts, and habanero-seasoned Firehouse Nuts

10. Completing our list of the top ten best-selling gift sets for 2010 was our dangerously hot Ultra-Hot Hot Sauce Gift Set, which features nine of our hottest hot sauces including Blair's Sudden Death, Mad Dog .357, Liquid Stoopid, Vicious Viper, You Can't Handle This Hot Sauce, and more!

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