Sunday, February 27, 2011

Top 10 Best-Selling Wing Sauces for 2010

Here is our list of the top ten best-selling wing sauces for 2010 at the Carolina Sauce Company online store, just in time for your March Madness game-watching parties:

1. Continuing its reign as our best-selling wing sauce is THE original Buffalo wing sauce from Buffalo, NY: Anchor Bar Medium Buffalo Wing Sauce, with that world-famous tangy flavor and cayenne kick.

2. Repeating its 2009 second place finish was the hotter & spicier version of the original Anchor Bar Buffalo wing sauce, appropriately called Anchor Bar Hotter Buffalo Wing Sauce.

3. Jumping up several spots on this list was the ultra-rich and pleasantly spicy DEFCON 2 Medium Heat Wing Sauce, a multiple award-winning Buffalo style wing sauce made with fresh and aged cayenne peppers plus a splash of real cream for a luxuriously satisfying mouthfeel.

4. One of my favorite Buffalo wing sauces is the medium-hot Distillery Original Buffalo Wing Sauce from Rochester NY, which is also super-rich and doubles nicely as a zesty sandwich spread or burger topping.

5. The Distillery Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce is substantially hotter than the original version, and is sure to please people who prefer seriously hot Buffalo wings.

6. Also a favorite of chileheads and folks with cast-iron stomachs is the super-hot Anchor Bar Suicidal Buffalo Wing Sauce, which is ideal if you dare to make "suicide wings" at home.

7. Many restaurants and bars serve their Buffalo wings with a cool and creamy dip, and we offer a popular one: Anchor Bar Bleu Cheese Sauce, a creamy and tangy dipping sauce with chunks of blue cheese. You can also enjoy it as a salad dressing.

8. Don't be fooled by the name: Texas Pete Buffalo Wing Sauce is made in North Carolina by the makers of the popular Texas Pete vinegar pepper sauce. This classic Buffalo style wing sauce is moderately spicy, making it a crowd-pleaser.

9. Tony's Birdland Hot Wing Sauce is a unique tangy-sweet and spicy-hot wing and chicken sauce from the famous Tony's Birdland chain of chicken restaurants in upstate New York. Enjoy it as a change of pace from regular Buffalo wing sauce, and as a piquant marinade, grilling and basting sauce for chicken, seafood and veggies.

10. Completing our list of the top ten best-selling wing sauces last year is the family-friendly Tony's Birdland Mild Wing Sauce, a gently-spiced and pleasantly tangy-sweet sauce that's great for everything from chicken wings to breaded strips, onion rings, grilled chicken, french fries and more.

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