Thursday, April 14, 2011

Carolina Sauce Newsletter: April Showers Bring Zesty Savings!

April Coupon Sale

April showers or the tax man got you down? We've got the cure! Take advantage of our special Spring Sale, and save an additional 10% off all products including already-discounted sale items with our April Coupon! Simply order $45 or more in products at the Carolina Sauce Company online store and use the coupon code AprilBlog11 when you order online, or mention the coupon when ordering by phone. This coupon is only good through April 30, 2011, and some product quantities may be limited, so don't delay and order today!

Quick & Zesty Ideas for Easter or Passover

Add family-pleasing flavor to your Easter Sunday dinner or Passover Seder with these simple, fresh ideas:

*Instead of covering healthy asparagus with calorie-dense, fat-heavy Hollandaise sauce, use light and creamy Nando's Lemon Cooking Sauce, on sale for only $4.99 a jar while supplies last!

*If you're serving lamb, instead of mint jelly try some Carolina Pepper Jelly (available in green or red, and mild or hot) for down-home Southern flavor. Our Pepper Jelly is already on sale for only $3.99 a jar, and you can save an additional 10% with the April Coupon!

*Check out our diverse selection of Kosher products, including Kosher dry rub for brisket, Olio & Spices BBQ Fig Sauce from Israel for chicken (already on sale for only $6.50 a bottle), and even several varieties of Kosher hot sauce

*Bring out the best in lamb or brisket with Nando's Sweet Apricot Cooking Sauce, which also happens to be Kosher certified

*Here's one for the grownups: This year let the kids keep their Easter egg hunt jelly beans, and instead provide habanero-spiked Ass-Kickin' Jelly Beans for adults with a sweet tooth AND a preference for spicy food!

*Gourmet chutney pairs beautifully with ham, especially savory-sweet apple chutney, tropical pineapple chutney, or spicy North Carolina peach-apple chutney

*Instead of using plain mayo in your deviled eggs recipe, substitute tartar sauce for extra flavor

*Hosting a cookout or barbecue to celebrate spring? You'll hit a home run when you serve the crowd-pleasing, thick & rich Outta The Park BBQ Sauce, which is now also available in Hot & Spicy as well as the award-winning Original! Both flavors are all-natural and have no HFCS, plus they're on sale for only $5.99 a bottle AND come with a free recipe card!

Don't forget to use the coupon code AprilBlog11 when you order $45 or more in products from Carolina Sauce, now through the end of April--and yes, you can use the coupon as many times as you'd like! Coupon expires on 4/30/11.

Operation Sauce Drop Update

Operation Sauce Drop is our non-profit program that sends free gift boxes of sauce to US military personnel stationed abroad. To date, we've shipped over 1,070 free gift boxes to our deployed military, at absolutely NO cost to them. The troops truly appreciate the free sauces, as you can see from their thank-you notes & photos. Our cost to purchase and ship each free gift box generally runs about $25, and 100% of all donations received are used SOLELY to pay for the cost of the sauces & shipping. Carolina Sauce pays for all the overhead of the program and also for a portion of the costs of each gift box. Send a soldier a taste of home by donating to Operation Sauce Drop. You can also shop to support Operation Sauce Drop, where some or all of the purchase price of the products goes straight into Operation Sauce Drop (you get the products you order, and the money you pay is used to send free sauce to the troops). Our troops will thank you for your support!

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