Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Sauce Sale, No Coupon Necessary!

It's springtime and we're feeling frisky, so we've put a bunch of our sauces, seasonings and condiments on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company online store! You don't need a coupon--just look for the red sale prices, or search for the words "on sale" when you search the Carolina Sauce site. Here are just a few of the delicious products currently on sale:

All four flavors of our old-fashioned Pepper Jelly from the North Carolina mountains. Available in red and green, with each color coming in mild and hot, pepper jelly is a classic condiment for lamb, pork, poultry, steak, brie and other cheeses, and even bagels, croissants, toast and biscuits. Regularly $4.99 a jar, on sale for only $3.99! Also available in a 2-pack gift box, regularly $11.99 but now only $10.99!

Olio & Spices Sauces are all-natural Kosher gourmet sauces from Israel that unfortunately were recently discontinued by the manufacturer. We still have a few bottles left of the lusciously rich Barbecue Fig Sauce and the refreshingly light Lemon Mint Chili Sauce, and they come with free recipes. Regularly $6.99 a bottle, on sale for only $6.50!

Uncle Pete's BBQ Sauces are made in South Carolina and come in sweet-tangy Original, smoky Hickory, and peppery Spicy. These award-winning barbecue sauces are ideal for slathering on ribs and chicken, and they come with free recipes. Regularly $5.95 a bottle, on sale for only $5.50!

Burning Asphalt Steak Sauces from upstate NY are huge on flavor and feature car racing themed labels. For gourmet steakhouse flavor you can't beat the Homestyle steak sauce, on sale for only $4.50 a bottle (regularly $4.99). The zesty Sweet Pepper Steak & Dipping Sauce is terrific at the table and also as a glaze, dipping sauce and marinade, and is on sale for only $4.75 a bottle (regularly $4.99).

The Distillery BBQ Sauce is served on ribs and chicken at the award-winning The Distillery Bar & Restaurants in upstate NY. Big and bold, with just the right balance of sweet, smoky & tangy, this full-bodied barbecue sauce is also great in meatloaf & baked beans. Regularly $5.99 a bottle, on sale for only $5.75!

If you enjoy venison and other game, you'll love Ann's Marinade, a savory tenderizing marinade created by a hunter especially for game and other lean or tough cuts of meat. Not only is Ann's Marinade the perfect marinade for venison, it's also fantastic with wild boar, pheasant, rabbit, beef roasts and even portobello mushrooms. Regularly $6.50 a bottle, on sale for $5.99!

Mama T's Seasonings are made by hand in small batches on the Outer Banks of North Carolina using family recipes. Available in tangy Ranch Style, savory Seafood Seasoned Salt, robust Mesquite Seasoning, and Cuban-style Tropical Island Seasoning, the large bottles are on sale for only $6.50 (regularly $6.99) and the small bottles are on sale for only $5.75 (regularly $5.99).

These special sale prices are good only while supplies last, so don't delay and order today!

Zestfully yours,

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