Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fruity, Fiery Hot Sauces Star in this Gift Box

In the Caribbean and other tropical locales, many cooks like to combine fiery hot peppers like habaneros and scotch bonnets with tropical fruits such as mango, papaya, local berries and any number of citrus fruits. The resulting sauces are a tantalizing blend of naturally sweet fruit and tangy, savory spicy heat, for flavors that will complement everything from fish and seafood to poultry and grilled meats, as well as vegetables, rice dishes and more.

If you or someone you know enjoys fruity, spicy hot sauces that are not too sweet and are bursting with sunny island flavor, the new Maui Pepper Co. Hot Sauce Gift Box available at the Carolina Sauces online store is sure to please.

This gift box comes with a full-size bottle (5 oz) of each of the following four fruit-infused hot sauces from the Maui Pepper Company: Their original Mango Meltdown Hot Sauce with a spunky medium heat level, the much more fiery but still quite delicious Maui Meltdown Xtreme Heat Hot Sauce, the delightfully sassy Apples Ass Hot Sauce made with apple butter and rum, and the bright and berry-licious Berry Mangolo Mango Hot Sauce made with an ever-changing combination of berries (depending on the season and availability) and may include any three of the folllowing: blueberry, strawberry, marionberry, boysenberry, blackberry, or red raspberry.

The "Fiery Fruits" Maui Pepper Co. Hot Sauce Gift Box is on sale now at the Carolina Sauce Company.

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