Monday, June 18, 2012

Habanero Stuffed Olives from Hell

Buy Habanero Stuffed Olives from Hell
Move over, boring grocery-store olives: Habanero-stuffed Olives from Hell are here! Wake up your salads, rev up your relish or other homemade condiment, and supercharge your Martini with the fiery heat of these juicy, queen-size olives stuffed with a generous slice of habanero pepper.

These edible "nuclear nuggets" live up to their name and their hype: Habanero-stuffed Olives from Hell are not for the faint of heart as they do pack quite a big punch of burning heat. If you're not a big fan of hot and spicy foods, then these super-hot olives are not for you. If you're a fiery-foods fanatic, however, these babies won't disappoint. The green olives themselves are also quite good: tangy, salty and toothsome, just like a fine olive should be.

Eat them whole out of the jar if you dare, toss one or two in your Martini, or slice them up to add to your favorite recipes, salads, pizzas, sandwiches, subs, wraps, omelets and anywhere else you'd use normal everyday green olives. Be careful, however, because they're painfully addictive, in a good way!

Habanero Stuffed Olives from Hell are now available at the Carolina Sauces online store, and they're also on sale.

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PS:  Looking for a milder but still spicy olive? Try Crazy Jerry's Lizard Eyes Jalapeno Stuffed Olives.

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