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May's Best-Selling Products at Carolina Sauce Company

Jamaica Hell Fire 2 in 1 Hot Sauce
May might have been National Barbecue Month, but people were busy buying hot sauce, Jamaican jerk products and bacon along with their BBQ sauce and grilling accessories, at least according to our list of most popular products for last month. The following were the top ten best-selling sauces and products at the Carolina Sauce Company during the month of May.

1. Jamaica Hell Fire 2 in 1 Hot Sauce:  Not your ordinary vinegary hot sauce, this Jamaican hot sauce is made with a summery tomato-vinegar base and a secret blend of sun-ripened tropical peppers, seasoned with a dash of Blue Mountain pimento (Jamaican allspice) for a burst of savory-spicy island flavor.

2. Susie's Original Hot Sauce: Rising dramatically from its 6th-place finish in April, Susie's Original Hot Sauce from Antigua features a classic mustard-vinegar base and its own special blend of Caribbean peppers & spices for tangy, feisty flavor to complement your favorite foods.

3. Matouk's West Indian Hot Sauce: Dropping two spots after topping the best-seller list in April, Matouk's West Indian Hot Sauce differs from the other popular Caribbean hot sauces on this month's lists in that it blends naturally sweet papaya with scotch bonnet peppers in a traditional West Indian mustard-vinegar for a uniquely rich, spicy-sweet-mellow hot sauce that pairs beautifully with seafood, chicken, vegetarian dishes and more.

Melinda's XXXXtra Reserve Hot Sauce
4. Melinda's XXXXtra Reserve Hot Sauce: Returning to the top-ten list for the first time in a while, this super-hot limited-edition hot sauce isn't a gimmick. Instead, Melinda's hand-selects the best of the red habanero pepper crop to provide the intense heat and trademark habanero flavor, and blends them with all-natural ingredients in a classic carrot-vinegar-lime base for great taste.

5. Walkerswood Traditional Jamaican Jerk Seasoning: A perpetual top-ten seller, this is Jamaica's most famous jerk seasoning, made in the traditional style with genuine Jamaican spices for uncompromising flavor and heat. A must-have for anyone who wants to make real Jamaican jerk dishes at home.

6. Bone Suckin' BBQ Sauce, Original: Hands-down the best-known barbecue sauce from North Carolina, Bone Suckin' Sauce is a western NC style sauce featuring a tangy tomato-vinegar base that's a little bit sweet and a little bit sassy. Thin enough to use with pulled pork or as a marinade, you can also baste chicken or ribs or seafood with it.

7. Matouk's Calypso Sauce: This is the more savory (less sweet) and somewhat spicier sibling of Matouk's West Indian Sauce, with enough scotch bonnet pepper flavor and fire to please any loover of hot & spicy foods. Perfect for adding heat to heartier dishes including meats, roast chicken, burgers, stews and even red beans & rice.

JohnBoy & Billy's Hot & Spicy Grillin' Sauce
8. Grilling Planks (various): Grilling salmon and other seafood on wood planks is a tradition in the Pacific Northwest, and this ingenious method is gaining in popularity throughout the US for its ability to keep food moist & juicy (the planks are soaked in water first) and imparting subtle wood-smoked flavor that complements without overpowering. Plank grilling is good for poultry, meat & veggies as well as fish, and we offer a variety of woods including cedar, alder, maple and more.

9. JohnBoy & Billy's Hot & Spicy Grillin' Sauce:  JohnBoy & Billy are nationally-syndicated radio hosts from NC, and this zesty BBQ sauce is a feisty fusion of North Carolina's three sauce styles (vinegar, tomato & mustard). Tangy-sweet with just the right amount of peppery heat, you can enjoy this sauce on everything from pulled pork barbecue to ribs, chicken, seafood and even grilled veggies.

10. "BaconFreak" Bacon (various): The bacon craze that began sweeping the country a few years back shows no sign of abating, and through our partner Bacon Freak we are able to satisfy virtually any craving for anything bacon, from classic hickory-smoked to gourmet flavored bacon (peppercorn, maple & more), nitrite & nitrite free bacon, bacon gift packs & monthly clubs, and more.

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