Friday, November 2, 2012

Political Hot Sauces Now Available

Funny political hot sauces
Big O's Stimulus Hot Sauce
As part of the launch of the new, improved and expanded Carolina Sauces online store, we've added several new product categories based on popularity and customer requests. One of these new categories is Political Hot Sauces, including hot sauces poking fun at politicians and political issues, and taking a satirical spin on stories in the news.

These politically-themed hot sauces are great as any-occasion gag gifts for anyone who appreciates political humor and can laugh at current events, even if they don't actually eat hot sauce--some people like displaying these as "conversation starters" and they'd also be perfect for an election-results watching party.

A word of caution: Some of these political hot sauces have names and/or labels that are a little off-color, or which might offend more sensitive people, so please do keep that in mind before browsing our Political Hot Sauce category and when selecting a bottle to give to someone.

And for those wondering, yes we DO plan on adding Romney and Obama hot sauces - we're working on that, along with other additions and tweaks to the new site, so stay tuned and keep checking back here and at the new website.

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