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Zesty Bloody Mary Mixes Now Available!

Dave's Gourmet Bloody Mary Mix
Dave's Gourmet Bloody Mary Mix
By popular demand, we  now have several hot and spicy Bloody Mary mixes for sale at the Carolina Sauces online store! These zesty, full-flavored mixers are alcohol-free, of course, so all you need to do is add your favorite vodka or enjoy them "virgin" as a savory alternative to tomato juice. Heck, some folks even use Bloody Mary mix in recipes that call for tomato juice, so go ahead and get a little wild in the kitchen with these tasty, tangy tomato beverages.

To help you select the perfect Bloody Mary mixer for your tastes, or for that holiday party or tailgating cookout, here's some information on each of the brands and flavors that we offer (simply click on the product name to buy online):

Dave's Gourmet Original Bloody Mary Mix is a traditional bloody mary mix made from all-natural ingredients including tomatoes, worcestershire sauce, horseradish and hot peppers, but those crazy folks at Dave's Gourmet have added a secret blend of spices for insanely delicious flavor. Yes, this mixer comes from the same company that makes the infamous Insanity Sauce and started the whole ultra-hot hot sauce craze, but thankfully their bloody mary mix is a quite sane and reasonable "medium" on most people's heat scale. It comes in a generous 32oz bottle, which is a good thing because it's likely to disappear quickly, it's that tasty!

Habanero Bloody Mary Mix from Hell: This devilish drink from the makers of the "From Hell" product line is sure to light your mouth on fire thanks to the use of fiery-hot habanero peppers, but it's a pleasant burn on par with that of Dave's bloody mary mix. Like the one from Dave's, this one is made from natural ingredients, but depending on your sensitivity to the distinctive heat of habaneros you might consider it a little hotter. Its savory flavor is also less complex than Dave's version because this one uses soy sauce instead of Worcestershire sauce. Habanero Bloody Mary Mix from Hell comes in a 26oz bottle and is a great choice to use in recipes for spaghetti sauce or chili or even stews, as well as in your favorite tomato-juice based drinks.

Bloody Iguana Bloody Mary Mix
Iguana Bloody Mary Mix
Iguana Bloody Mary Mix adds a bright and festive tropical twist to the traditional bloody mary, both in terms of heat (there are habaneros and cayenne peppers along with a hefty dose of cracked black pepper in this spicy beverage) and also in terms of flavor (sweet red peppers, carrots, pineapple and even banana combine for a subtle hint of island flavor). Perhaps a touch spicier than the other two, Iguana bloody mary mixer is an inspired choice for a party or other gathering when you want to make an impression, because it's not your ordinary, everyday take on the bloody mary. It comes in a 27.5oz bottle so you might want to order several if you're planning on a crowd.

Pain is Good #37 Original Bloody Mary Mix: With its pleasant medium heat level and robust flavor, this savory and spicy bloody mary mixer from the makers of the Pain Is Good hot sauces bears the trademark "screaming head" label and is sure to satisfy people who enjoy a bold and hearty drink. A secret pepper mash plus habanero powder add just enough of a kick, while worcestershire sauce and beef flavor contribute layers of complex, dark notes for an intriguing and satisfying zesty beverage. The original bloody mary mixer from Pain Is Good is the cook's choice for enhancing recipes that call for tomato juice but would benefit from an additional kick.

Pain is Good #114 Jamaican Bloody Mary Mix: Jamaican jerk seasonings add a festive and exotic flair to this unique take on the Bloody Mary from Pain is Good. I guarantee you've never tasted anything like it before, and even if you're skeptical go ahead and take one sip--if you enjoy Jamaican flavors then you will be delighted by this one-of-a-kind beverage. Heat-wise, it's no more than a medium, so you won't have to worry about it burning out your taste buds the way some jerk seasonings will do. Turn on some reggae, pour yourself a glass, add a jigger or two of your favorite vodka or tequila, and get mellow.

Pain is Good Bloody Mary Mix
Jamaican Bloody Mary Mix
Pain is Good #218 Cajun Bloody Mary Mix was inspired by the spicy, hearty flavors of Louisiana cooking, and this zesty Bloody Mary mix will have you dreaming of jambalaya, gumbo, and the best of New Orleans cuisine. Although it's the mildest (heat-wise) of our spicy bloody mary mixers, this one might have the richest, most "food-like" flavor because in addition to worcestershire sauce and pepper mash it also uses beef base and a dash or two of chipotle for a rich and deep, almost earthy flavor. Sure, it's great with vodka or as a "virgin Mary," but try adding some Cajun Bloody Mary Mix to your favorite Cajun and Creole recipes, soups, stews, etc. for remarkable flavor.

Stock up now on one or more of these Bloody Mary Mixes while they're on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company.

Zestfully yours,

PS: If you prefer to concoct your own bloody mary mix from scratch, or if you already have a mass-produced mix and want to rev it up, simply add a few dashes of Another Bloody Day in Paradise Hot Sauce, an all-natural tabasco pepper & green chile hot sauce created especially for use in bloody marys. It's also superb as an all-purpose hot sauce at the table or in recipes.

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