Thursday, April 11, 2013

Click Here for Carolina Sauce Company Coupons

Would you like a Coupon for 5% off ALL orders and for FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75 at the Carolina Sauces online store?

If your answer is, "YES!" then send me an email with the subject line "April VIP Coupon" and I'll send your Coupon to you, along with a complimentary copy of our free monthly VIP e-Newsletter.

In addition to your VIP coupon, this month's newsletter includes a zesty recipe for Mango Rainbow Salsa, and short reviews of some of the newest sauces and seasonings now available at the Carolina Sauce Company.

Our VIP savings are always the best deals available on Carolina Sauce products, and available only to our VIPs.

Don't miss out on future monthly Coupons and exclusive VIP sales: Sign up for our FREE monthly VIP e-Newsletter and join over 13,000 Carolina Sauce VIPs who are taking advantage of monthly specials, tasty recipes & grilling tips, and the inside scoop on recent arrivals at our online store.

Any questions? Simply email me or leave a comment below.

And if you want our current VIP coupon for 5% off ALL orders and for FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75, send me an email that says "April VIP Coupon" by clicking here:

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