Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Get the #1 Best-Selling Recipe Software

Cook'n Recipe OrganizerThe Carolina Sauce Company is thrilled to be able to bring you the #1 best-selling recipe software on the market, Cook'n Recipe Organizer!

Available for Mac, PC and mobile devices, the newest version of Cook'n lets you capture your favorite online recipes from websites using just a single click.

You can also enter your own recipes quickly and easily with their Quick-Fill feature, drag & drop your recipes to create custom menus, and even auto-generate shopping lists organized by store aisles to make shopping for ingredients a breeze.

Out of ideas for dinner? Simply type in your ingredients on hand to generate recipe ideas from your Cook'n software.

Cook'n Recipe OrganizerTrying to eat healthier food? Cook'n lets you calculate the nutrition values of your favorite recipes.

Need more or fewer servings than your recipe makes? Use Cook'n to easily scale the recipe to make exactly the number of servings you need.

Cook'n takes advantage of the latest technology to make cooking and recipe-sharing a breeze:
  • You can synch it with your iPhone or Android phone to access recipes at your kitchen counter

  • You can email recipes to friends and family

  • You can even create and print a family cookbook!
Cook'n Recipe Organizer

These are just a few of the features you get with version 10 of Cook'n, used by over 3 million people to make menu planning, grocery shopping and mealtime a snap.

To learn more about Cook'n, watch a demo video and to place your order for this revolutionary recipe organizing software, simply click here.

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