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Hot Spots Hot Sauces: Perfect for Firefighters & Dalmatian Lovers

Hot Spots Chief Smoky Hot Sauce
Searching for a unique Father's Day gift for a firefighter who enjoys spicy food?

How about a special Father's Day gift for a dog-lover, especially one who has a soft spot in their heart for Dalmatians?

In either case, look no further than Hot Spots Hot Sauces, a flavorful and fiery line of savory, all-purpose hot pepper sauces with adorable "firehouse" Dalmatians on the label!

From tangy jalapeno pepper sauce to incendiary habanero hot sauce, with flavors ranging from smoky to garlic-zesty and tomato to tangy, Hot Spots has a hot sauce for every taste preference.  These hot sauces are all-natural, too, and made with the finest ingredients, setting them apart from lesser sauces on the market.

Hot Spots Blaze Hot Sauce is the hottest of the Hot Spots family, with the powerful punch of habanero peppers in the forefront, complemented by the lower, slower burn of cayenne peppers for multidimensional heat. If you're not an experienced chilehead or serious fiery-foods fanatic, Blaze might be too hot for you to use as a table sauce -- but don't worry, it's not spiked with extracts or capsaicin oil; all the heat is natural and there are no funky aftertastes like with extract-spiked sauces. That means you'll get nothing but devilishly delicious flavor and incendiary heat when enjoyed on served food at the table. When used in cooking, Blaze Hot Sauce adds great flavor and high heat to omelets and other egg recipes, chicken dishes, seafood, hamburgers, your favorite chili recipe and more.

Hot Spots Chief Smoky Hot Sauce is made with habanero peppers that have been slow-smoked over smoldering hickory logs for layers of dark, rich, earthy flavors and a medium-hot burn that's mellower than the sharp bright bite of fresh habanero peppers. A healthy dose of garlic adds just the right zing while a squeeze of key lime provides a hint of zesty citrus. Chief Smoky Hot Sauce is wonderful with robust meat and poultry dishes, and is an excellent choice to add to cornbread, beans, stews, soups and other hearty fare.If you make your own barbecue sauce at home, this is the hot sauce to use when you want to add a touch of smoke and fire.

Hot Spots Fireball Hot Sauce
Hot Spots Ember Hot Sauce is a rich, medium-heat chipotle hot sauce that's made with tomatoes for a thicker texture and a special blend of secret spices for a more interesting, food-friendly flavor than typical vinegar-based chipotle sauces. The smoked jalapeno peppers (i.e., chipotles) make this sauce a little milder in heat than Hot Spots Chief Smoky, making it perfect for chicken, seafood and veggies as well as with meat. Because it's not vinegary, Ember Hot Sauce is fantastic with ribs, dribbled over fries, poured over scrambled eggs or burgers, and even with spaghetti and other pasta. It's also a natural with nachos, tacos, burritos, enchiladas and other Mexican, Southwestern or Tex-Mex fare.

Hot Spots Fireball Hot Sauce is a classic green jalapeno pepper sauce with a traditional vinegar base, plus a bit of garlic and a touch of spices to liven up the flavor. If you're a purist and prefer an honest, straightforward tangy jalapeno hot sauce, Fireball Hot Sauce will not disappoint. Enjoy this all-purpose medium hot sauce on pizza, nachos, burgers, chili, rice & beans, scrambled eggs & other breakfast food, and in savory recipes. Splash it into chicken soup or winter stews to add some pep. Mix it into dips and salsa for extra zip. You can't go wrong with this one!

Hot Spots Flame Hot Sauce is hotter than Fireball Hot Sauce because Flame is made with habanero peppers. Like its jalapeno counterpart, Flame Hot Sauce is a classic, all-purpose vinegar pepper sauce that delivers straightforward flavor true to its primary pepper ingredient. In this case, it's habaneros for a solid HOT heat level and that distinctive "fruity" habanero pepper flavor. A judicious selection of herbs and spices adds complementary savory notes without diminishing the role of the habaneros or altering the flavor of your food. Second only to Blaze in terms of heat, Flame is superb on traditional Mexican dishes like tacos, burritos, quesadillas and enchiladas, as well as with heartier, more robust stews, grilled or roasted meats, bean dishes and the like.

Hot Spots Sparky Hot Sauce
Finally, there's Hot Spots Sparky Hot Sauce, a playfully feisty blend of chili peppers brought together in a zesty, tangy sauce for flavor and fire that continue to develop and grow with every bite. Sparky Hot Sauce is terrific for enjoying with chips, appetizers, chicken wings, fries, pizza, hamburgers, subs & sandwiches, plus so much more. In addition to shining at the table, Sparky Hot Sauce is a great choice when you want to add some heat to your favorite recipes without overpowering the flavors of the other ingredients, and without overwhelming your taste buds.

All six flavors of the firefighter/Dalmatian themed Hot Spots Hot Sauces are currently on sale at the Carolina Sauces online store, just in time for Father's Day.... and anytime you need a unique gift, or want to treat yourself to a superior hot sauce experience.

Zestfully yours,

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