Sunday, January 27, 2008

Burning Asphalt Buffalo Wing Sauce

I confess that I'm a purist when it comes to hot wings: Give me fiery-hot, unbreaded Buffalo-style chicken wings with a side of chunky blue cheese dressing on the side, and some celery and carrots to help cleanse (or soothe) the palate between wings, and a frosty full-bodied Canadian lager or a local microbrewed ale to wash everything down. I've not yet managed to make it out to the original Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY, where Buffalo-style chicken wings were born, but it's on my to-do list for the next time I'm up in that neck of the woods. While Anchor Bar is rightfully famous for its authentic hot wing sauces (and they've recently added some more creative flavors), upstate NY has another delicious traditional-style wing sauce that's sure to satisfy purists like me: Burning Asphalt Buffalo Wing Sauce. Produced by a small family-run business in Forestville, NY, the Burning Asphalt name and race car/checkered flag logo reflect the owner's passion for car racing - and once you try this wing sauce, you'll be racing back for more. The tangy, peppery flavor is due to a generous dose of aged cayenne peppers in a vinegar-butter flavored base. I consider the heat level about a medium-hot, which is just right for chowing down on a large plateful of wings while watching the Super Bowl, NCAA basketball, or NHL hockey. But what I like best is the touch of garlic that the folks at Burning Asphalt have added to their hot wing sauce. So if you enjoy Buffalo style chicken wings (either breaded or "naked" so long as they're slathered with a spicy pepper sauce), you need to treat yourself to Burning Asphalt Buffalo Wing Sauce and taste the wing sauce that leaves the competition in the dust!

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