Monday, January 14, 2008

Ole Time BBQ Sauce

Ole Time Barbecue Restaurant in Raleigh has been around for decades, and is a favorite with locals for their pork barbecue, hush puppies, collard greens and other traditional southern food, including stick-to-your-ribs country breakfast fare in the mornings and tea so sweet that you won't need dessert. Serving hearty portions of old-fashioned food at old-fashioned prices, you'll leave well-fed without spending a lot of cash. What makes Ole Time's barbecue special? In my opinion it's their unique take on vinegar-based North Carolina BBQ sauce. The recipe for Ole Time Barbecue Sauce has been handed down through 3 generations of the same family, and starts with a traditional pepper-spiced vinegar base plus some tomato to add body and cut a bit of the vinegar tang. But then some unusual ingredients like tamarind and a bit of coffee are added, and the end result is a tangy (but not tart), slightly spicy and flavor-rich sauce that perfectly complements pork BBQ as well as grilled chicken and meats, baked beans and other hearty fare. Baste your ribs with it, and splash it on your scrambled eggs instead of ketchup. I personally like dipping french fries in Ole Time Barbecue Sauce. For afficionados of more austere eastern NC style barbecue sauce that's heavier on the vinegar and peppers, Ole Time has its Ole Time Hot Sauce, an authentic eastern NC vinegar-based BBQ sauce with plenty of red pepper and hot pepper, and absolutely NO tomatoes (this is a sauce for purists). Ideal for pulled pork, Ole Time Hot Sauce is also terrific when added to collards, mustard greens and other "sharp" cooked greens. I also splash it on my green beans, and even dip hush puppies in it.

Now is the time to try one or both flavors of Ole Time Sauces, as they're currently on sale only at the Carolina Sauce Company!

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