Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Southern Twang Sauces and Dry Rub

Southern Twang Grilling Sauces are based on a 50 year old family recipe that was enjoyed by family and friends for many summers at cookouts on the shore of Lake Jodeco in Georgia. These award-winning sauces are sure to please your family and friends with their sweet tomato base that's spiced with bell peppers, onions and garlic, and accented with orange for a feisty citrus twang - in short, Southern Twang Grilling Sauces capture summer in a jar. Wonderful on grilled meats, poultry and vegetables, you can also cook with them on your stove top, in your crockpot and oven. Southern Twang comes in mild Original and pleasantly peppery Hot (about a mild-medium on my heat scale). If you order either or both flavors from Carolina Sauce Company, you'll get a handful of recipe cards to help you get started!

Southern Twang Dry Rub features the same flavor profile of the Southern Twang sauces, in an all-natural sweet tomato-citrus base that's spiced with paprika and other seasonings. Not only is this dry rub excellent on ribs (beef or pork), poultry and other meats, you can also use it on seafood and it makes incredibly tasty BBQ shrimp. It's also simple to use: just moisten your meat, poultry or seafood with olive oil and coat all sides evenly with Southern Twang Dry Rub. Marinate in your refrigerator for 2 to 8 hours (or overnight), and then grill, broil or bake. Southern Twang Grilling Sauces and Dry Rub will help you add upscale flavor with a down-home twang to any meal, with minimal effort! Southern Twang products are made in North Carolina, and are now available at the Carolina Sauce Company.

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