Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Boar & Castle Sauce: We Didn't Do It!

It's time to set the record straight: We (the Carolina Sauce Company) didn't do it! We weren't the ones who discontinued Boar & Castle Sauce, so please don't blame us. At no time did we ever manufacture this delicious sauce, which obviously has quite a passionate and devoted following. We, the Carolina Sauce Company, were simply an online retailer for this venerable old sauce and condiment from Greensboro, North Carolina. We were just as dismayed as y'all upon learning that the manufacturer was closing down and would no longer make Boar & Castle Sauce. So please stop leaving angry messages and emails blaming us for "killing" Boar & Castle Sauce, because we didn't do it. Believe me, if I could bring back the sauce, I would do so in a heartbeat.

That said, we are VERY interested in the rumors that Boar & Castle Sauce may one day be back on the market. That's why we're keeping a list of folks who want to be notified if and when Boar & Castle Sauce is available again. So please DO keep emailing and calling us if you are not yet on our "Boar & Castle Sauce waiting list" and you want to be notified if it's back on the market. To get on the waiting list, simply email us ("salesATcarolinasauceDOTcom") or call us (919-286-1080), and give us your name and email address (or phone number, if you don't have an email address). And please DO keep sharing your memories of the old Boar & Castle Restaurant, and any other stories you may have about the restaurant or the sauce, in your emails to us. I'm hoping to assemble those stories for a "Boar & Castle Memories" section on this blog someday.

So do keep those emails coming for the waiting list - but please don't blame us for the demise of Boar & Castle Sauce, 'cuz we didn't do it!

Zestfully yours,


  1. My family used Boar & Castle Sauce often. We are saddened that we can no longer get it. We eat it with all types of meats.

    Some of my fond memories are of eating castle burger & french fries with castle sauce.

  2. I am one of many thousands who are dismayed to learn that there will be no more Castle Sauce. How will the universe adapt to this catastraphic disaster? I have so many fond memories of the Castle...friday and/or saturday nights, dating or just cruising, there was only the number one place to go ...the Castle. Had to get some pan bread, some of those wonderful fries, a castle burger or perhaps the buttered steak. Makes your mouth water just to think of those delightful treats. ALL came with Castle Sauce. Until now, I've managed to keep it most of the time , in my house. Steak Ums with buttered bun and castle sauce is very close to a buttered steak. Same is true of an ordinary hamburger. And if you make your own fries...well, it comes close.Brings a smile , doesn't it? I am out now and since I am 61 and in a wheelchair it is impossible for me to get to a Greensboro store to look for it. I have looked here ... no luck ...and I just live in Mt. Airy. So surely , I mistakenly thought, I can order it online! I came here today with high hopes and smiling. Now it feels like a small, but wonderful, good thing in life is dead. Let's petition this! Surely someone will undertake to manufactur this best sauce ever made. Let me know...I will help in any way I can. I need my Castle Sauce and not afraid to fight for it! (smiles). I surely hope this will all go away like a bad dream. But if it stays gone (perish the thought) I am sooo glad to be one of those who can look back and smile with our memories of days at THE Castle. Sincerely, Marsha Overman