Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hottest Hot Sauces: Blair's Death Hot Sauces

This is the second in a series of posts that explores the frightfully fiery world of ultra-hot hot sauces. Today I'm profiling the four Blair's Death Hot Sauces available from the Carolina Sauce Company online store. The original Blair's Death Hot Sauce, while not truly an ultra-hot because it isn't "fortified" with capsaicin extract, is nevertheless notable for its substantial and lingering heat level. The firepower comes from a blend of red and orange habanero peppers, which are the primary ingredients in the sauce, combined with fresh cayenne peppers and smoky chipotle. The next step up on the heat scale is Blair's After Death Sauce, which starts with the same recipe as the original Death Sauce but adds a bit of capsaicin extract, bringing the heat up quite a bit but still not quite as high as Dave's Insanity Sauce.

Next up on the heat scale is the intensely hot and unforgiving Blair's Sudden Death Sauce. There's nothing subtle about the firepower of this ultra-hot hot sauce (hence the name), which comes from using red habanero pods, cayenne peppers and "pure pepper resin" to ensure the heat keeps on burning long after the sauce is down the hatch. The flavors in Blair's Sudden Death are sweeter than Original Death and After Death, and there's no smokiness. Sudden Death is also spiked with ginseng, I guess to help you "feel alive" as the folks at Blair's like to say. Most chileheads consider Blair's Sudden Death Sauce to be around the same heat intensity as (or a bit hotter than) Dave's Insanity Sauce.

The hottest hot sauce of this foursome is Blair's Mega Death Sauce, with a cool-looking holographic label. Hotter than Dave's Private Reserve Insanity Sauce but not quite as hot as Black Mamba Hot Sauce or Da Bomb Ground Zero, Blair's Mega Death Hot Sauce currently holds 5th place on our list of hottest hot sauces. Assuming you're brave (or crazy) enough to try this ultra-hot hot sauce, and assuming your tongue can get past the extreme heat and actually taste any flavors, you might be able to appreciate the sweet flavors of guava and molasses, some smokiness from chipotle, and the zingy bite of ginger. The heat in Mega Death sauce comes from red habanero pods, cayenne and ancho chiles, as well as the chipotle and "natural pepper flavor" which I suspect is another variation on capsaicin extract.

All four Blair's Death Sauces are all-natural, and each bottle comes with the trademark Blair's Death skull keychain.

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