Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dave's Insanity Private Reserve 2008 Is Here!!!

Newsflash:: Dave's Insanity Private Reserve Sauce, 2008 Edition, has FINALLY arrived at the Carolina Sauce Company! You can now order your very own limited edition bottle, numbered and hand-signed by Dave himself. As previously mentioned, the 2008 edition of Dave's Private Reserve features the world's hottest pepper, the Naga Jolokia, also known as the ghost pepper. As you can see in the photo, Dave has commemorated this new era in the ultra-hot hot sauce arms race by decorating his trademark wooden coffin with a "ghost pepper."

Orders are already coming in, quickly snapping up a good number of the bottles that arrived today. Don't be left out in the cold - order your own bottle of Dave's Insanity Private Reserve Sauce, 2008 Edition today!

Zestfully yours,

PS: Yes, this is my second post today. My first post, "Hottest New Products - Too Hot To Handle??" was somehow misdated as a March 29th post. The correct date for that post should be April 1, 2008. You probably guessed that if you read the post...

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