Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Firehouse Nuts

Firehouse Nuts are the latest hot & spicy new product to arrive at the Carolina Sauce Company, and boy, are they good! These habanero seasoned peanuts come from The Peanut Roaster in Henderson, NC, who starts with premium crunchy-roasted peanuts and then dusts them with powdered smoked habaneros and other fiery spices. Full of bold flavor and peppery fire, Firehouse Nuts start off at about a medium level of heat and then build up to a nice hot level that's fiery enough to please hot pepper fans but without burning out your tongue or ruining your ability to taste the other flavors in the seasoning (or any other things you may be eating). There's just enough saltiness to enhance the flavors, and a nice balanced spiciness without "smoky" flavor to get in the way (I'm guessing the habaneros are smoked simply to dry them in order to then grind them into a powder). The can is decorated with a firefighting theme, including a couple of fire trucks about to respond to a call, making these Firehouse Nuts a tasty treat to give to your favorite firefighter. Better yet, assemble a stationhouse gift basket or care package that includes other zesty snacks and perhaps some hot sauce and barbecue sauce, to say thank you to your local emergency response personnel.

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