Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Low Carb Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce & More!

I know, I know, Carolina Sauce Company is closed this week so that our employees can take vacation, and here I am working away.... but I am working at a lakeside picnic table outside my RV in blissfully cool summer weather, while Greg stokes the coals for tonight's grill-fest at which we'll be sampling potential new products... So far we've sampled some addictively good giardiniera (I hope I spelled that correctly!), a Caribbean steak sauce that was lip-smacking good, and a spicy North Carolina mustard that we stumbled into at a restaurant & market in a little town about 1 1/2 hrs from where we're camping -- which means we'll hopefully have some more wonderful new products up on our site in the next few months! In sum, I don't mind working on my vacation when my job is so much fun! (But I do have to run at least 3 miles a day even on vacation to try to burn off all the delicious calories I'm injesting.)

OK, I've digressed long enough. The original purpose of this post was to announce our New & Improved Low Carb Products page! I've personally gone through all of our product data on our online store and identified all products that have one carb per serving or less (including no carb or zero carb sauces, of course), and all of those products are now listed on our Low Carb page. So if you are looking for low carb or no carb hot sauce, BBQ sauce, marinades, wing sauce, rubs & seasonings, Jamaican jerks, snacks (like pork rinds and pork skins) with no carbs or not more than 1 carb per serving, you can now conveniently find them on one Low Carb Products page in alphabetical order at the Carolina Sauce Company online store!

Tomorrow I'll attempt to compile the best-selling products for June 2008 -- but I'm not promising to finish tomorrow, since, after all, I'm supposedly on vacation and I'm also seeking out potential new products....

Zestfully yours,

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