Monday, July 7, 2008

New Labels for Anchor Bar Wing Sauce

Check out the snazzy new labels that the folks at Frank & Teresa's Famous Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY, are rolling out for their award-winning Buffalo chicken wing sauces! The new look labels are already available on the Original Anchor Bar Wing Sauce, and the spicier Hotter Anchor Bar Wing Sauce. They've also updated their nutritional labeling to provide more complete ingredient info (for example, the old label didn't list out the ingredients in the margarine used in the sauce). The best news, however, is that they've kept the great, spicy flavor the same.

The Anchor Bar restaurant is the birthplace of the original Buffalo-style hot chicken wings, and these are the sauces that put that establishment on the map and launched the hot wings craze. So if you've never had the real deal and you enjoy spicy chicken wings, you've got to get yourself a bottle (or more) of Anchor Bar wing sauces. They come in three different heat levels (the Suicidal Wing Sauce still sports the old label), plus two "exotic" varieties, namely the sweet and tangy Honey BBQ Wing Sauce and the zippy Honey Mustard Wing Sauce. Both the old and new labels include instructions for making authentic Buffalo style chicken wings.

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