Friday, July 18, 2008

Wells Hog Heaven Back In Stock!

Newsflash: After a brief hiatus, Wells Hog Heaven Barbecue Sauce (with the black label in the photo) is back in stock at the Carolina Sauce Company. This authentic eastern NC vinegar based BBQ sauce is one of our all-time top 5 best selling products, and we try to have plenty in stock all the time, but sometimes our scheduled deliveries get pushed back a week (which is what happened this time) and we temporarily sell out. Thankfully we now have plenty again, and have fulfilled all our customer back-orders, so feel free to re-stock -- or to try this tangy, spicy taste sensation if you've never tried real vinegar based NC barbecue sauce. It's perfect for pulled pork BBQ, marinating, and dipping, and also seasons collards and turnip greens. Heck, I splash it on hush puppies and fries, too! And for folks who prefer tomatoes in their barbeque sauce, there's Wells All Purpose Ribs & Chicken Sauce. Both Wells BBQ sauces are made outside of Wilmington, NC, in the tiny town of Burgaw.

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