Sunday, January 4, 2009

December's Top Ten Best-Selling Sauces & Other Products

Here's the list of the top ten best-selling sauces and other zesty products across all categories at the Carolina Sauce Company online store for the month of December 2008:

1. Castle Sauce once again came in first, which is no surprise because this classic steak sauce from Greensboro, North Carolina has quite a faithful following among generations of patrons of the old Boar & Castle Restaurant which closed in 1979

2. Carolina Swamp Sauce, a unique barbecue sauce and marinade from NC that's *not* a vinegar-based barbecue sauce - try it on grilled shrimp for a real treat!

3. Busha Browne's Pukka Sauce once again came in third, with its fiery heat and food-friendly flavor inspired by colonial Caribbean cuisine

4. Georgia Peach & Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce moved up to fourth place, with its gently spicy heat and succulent, summery peach and sweet onion flavor

5. Walkerswood Traditional Jamaican Jerk Seasoning: The name says it all - this is the savory, spicy paste or wet rub you need for making authentic Jamaican jerk recipes

6. Capsicana Zing Sauce delivers just the right level of spice without a painful hot pepper "bite", and its slightly sweet flavor enhances just about everything -- and this North Carolina favorite comes with recipes!

7. Scorned Woman Hot Sauce: This classic hot pepper sauce lives up to the saying that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

8. Matouk's Hot Pepper Sauce, a thick, rich and savory hot sauce from Trinidad & Tobago that's made with pickled scotch bonnet peppers and a dash of mustard

9. Buderim Ginger Bears, a grown-up gummy candy that's zippy, not too sweet, and made with real Australian ginger

10. Dave's Ultimate Insanity Sauce: True to its name, this ultra-hot hot sauce delivers relentless incendiary firepower, and should only be used one toothpick-drop at a time.

We're in the process of updating the individual product categories for the best-sellers within each category, and those will be highlighted here soon. We're also compiling the numbers to determine which were the top ten best-selling products for all of 2008, across the board and within each product category, so stay tuned for those results in the near future, too.

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