Friday, January 30, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Lazy J BBQ Sauce

Newsflash: Today we received the sad news that Lazy J Bar-Bee-Q Sauce is no longer being made, and that the folks that used to make it are no longer involved in the sauce business. This award-winning barbecue sauce from eastern North Carolina was unique in that it was *not* a thin, vinegar-based BBQ sauce in the typical eastern NC mold -- rather, it was very thick and rich, with a sweet and slightly tangy tomato base that made it ideal for ribs and chicken. If anything, Lazy J Bar-Bee-Q Sauce was far more reminiscent of Memphis or Kansas City style barbecue sauces, and this made it a favorite of people who don't care for vinegar-based BBQ sauce or are looking for a change of pace. It's a shame to see this unique and delicious sauce exit the market.

If you enjoyed Lazy J Bar-Bee-Q Sauce, or if you prefer your barbeque sauce to be thick and rich, with lots of tomato and very little (or no) vinegar, the good news is that you can still find a few North Carolina sauces to fit the bill. One of my favorites is Old Mule BBQ Sauce, made in the North Carolina Mountains on a family farm using all-natural ingredients and sporting a feisty peppery kick. Another great non-vinegar BBQ sauce made in NC is the unusual Yam Good Sauce, which features North Carolina sweet potatoes as a main ingredient, and the rest of the ingredients are all-natural too -- so it's packed with nutrition in addition to being delicious. You can get both of these tasty sauces, and many other barbecue sauces from NC and around the country, at the Carolina Sauce Company online store.

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