Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jump Up & Kiss Me Spicy Passion Fruit Sauce

During the dead of winter, I sometimes find myself reminiscing about the wonderful time I had on vacation in the Caribbean many years ago. Although the heat from the sun was intense, there usually was a gentle ocean breeze to keep me comfortably cool. And the mouthwatering, freshly-picked tropical fruit was a foodie's dream. Jump Up & Kiss Me Spicy Passion Fruit Sauce reminds me of the pleasures of dining on tropical cuisine on a sunny Caribbean isle. As with the other varieties of Jump Up & Kiss Me Hot Sauce, this delectable treat is the inspiration of a gifted chef and foodie who knows how to tantalize your tastebuds with creatively combined complementary flavors and potent peppers added by a deft and delicate hand. This all-natural hot sauce is pleasantly spicy thanks to just the right amount of habanero peppers. Unlike other sugar-laden fruit-based hot sauces, Jump Up & Kiss Me Spicy Passion Fruit Sauce strikes a wonderful balance of sweet and tart from the special blend of fresh pineapple and tangy/sweet passion fruit pulp and juice.

Because of its fruit base, I find Jump Up & Kiss Me Spicy Passion Fruit Sauce to be ideally suited for fish and seafood dishes, as well as for chicken and other poultry. But it is also quite nice with simply-prepared pork chops, and even as an alternative to ordinary burger toppings (dress your burger with thinly sliced onions or scallions and several dollops of this hot sauce). And if you like to make your own vinaigrette dressing for salads or marinating, you can easily add tropical flair to your recipe by adding some of this sauce. In sum, Jump Up & Kiss Me Spicy Passion Fruit Sauce is a quick and tasty way to bring in some tropical sunshine on a cold, dreary winter day. And best of all, it's currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company!

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