Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Photos & Thank-You Notes from Our Troops

Towards the end of last year, Operation Sauce Drop was able to send out dozens of free gift boxes of hot sauce and barbecue sauce to our troops spending the holidays overseas, thanks to donations from folks all around the country. The troops have sent in many thank-you notes to our donors and photos showing how they're enjoying the sauces, and they're now up for your reading and viewing on our Operation Sauce Drop Feedback & Photos page. One of my favorite notes and photos is from a soldier in Special Ops, towards the top of the page. Another sweet note and photo recently received from a grateful young soldier is below:

"Thank you for the hot sauce and more than that the support. It means a lot to us for all of the support y'all give us. Again thanks." --SGT T.D., serving in Iraq

If you'd like to bring a smile to a soldier's face by showing your support with a taste of home, please consider making a donation to Operation Sauce Drop. You can also support Operation Sauce Drop when you buy Pepper Dog Salsa and Dry Rub, thanks to the generous donation of product by the good folks at Pepper Dog Salsa.

Zestfully yours,

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