Monday, March 23, 2009

Carolina Sauce Company Eastern NC BBQ Sauce

Eastern North Carolina barbecue sauce is famous for its thin (not thick), tart vinegar base and spicy, peppery tang. Used primarily on pulled pork barbecue (a North Carolina delicacy that's unlike any other kind of BBQ, with the sauce added after the pork is smoked and then pulled off the bone), a good eastern NC barbecue sauce can also be used as a marinade for chicken and meat, and even as a table sauce to splash on collards, hushpuppies, french fries, and fried fish. After much searching and sauce-tasting, I'm pleased to announce that I've finally found an authentic eastern NC barbecue sauce that's worthy of bearing the Carolina Sauce Company name: our very own Carolina Sauce Company Eastern NC Barbecue Sauce!

Hand-made and hand-bottled in the little eastern town of Nashville, NC using an old family recipe, Carolina Sauce Company Eastern NC BBQ Sauce is the real deal, made with the traditional vinegar base that's spiced with just enough red pepper for a pleasant tang that will please without "biting" more sensitive palates. What makes our eastern NC barbeque sauce stand out is that there's just a touch of apples and tomato to smooth out the tartness of the vinegar but without thickening the sauce or turning it into a "sweet" sauce. We have both a Mild eastern NC BBQ Sauce that's great for the whole family, and a Hot eastern NC barbecue sauce that adds a heftier dose of red peppers for folks who prefer their BBQ with a fiery kick. Ideal for traditional pulled pork barbecue, Carolina Sauce Company Eastern NC BBQ Sauce also tenderizes and adds tangy flavor to meats and poultry when used as a marinade. You can mix it into recipes, too, especially for vinegar-based prepared salads like slaw. I personally love to add it to collard greens, turnip greens and even steamed spinach, and I splash it on all sorts of fried foods including fries, onion rings, hushpuppies, popcorn shrimp, and more.

If you've never made authentic North Carolina pulled pork barbecue, you need to try this sauce, especially since it comes with a FREE recipe flyer with instructions for how to make real NC BBQ. And if you're an old pro at smoking a pork shoulder (or a whole pig) to perfection, you'll be quite pleased at the results the next time you make barbecue and use Carolina Sauce Company Eastern NC Barbecue Sauce. Don't have a smoker, or don't have the time to use it? Don't worry: our free recipe flyer also includes "cheater's instructions" for making NC-style pulled pork barbecue without a smoker that's pretty darn good even though it's not truly authentic. Best of all, both flavors of Carolina Sauce Company Eastern NC Barbecue Sauce are currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company!

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PS: Our brand-new Carolina Sauce Company Chow Chow Relish is getting rave reviews! It also comes in Mild and Hot, and is a delicious sweet-tangy alternative to slaw or ordinary pickle relish. Stock up now on this old-fashioned condiment that's perfect for cookouts and picnics as well as for homestyle dinners. It's also currently on sale!

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  1. Yum. I see those pepper seeds. Bet this is really good. Gotta love North Carolina BBQ. Good eating!