Friday, March 20, 2009

George's BBQ Sauce Mini-Bottles!

Newsflash: All three flavors of George's Barbecue Sauce are now available in plastic 8oz mini-bottles! George's BBQ Sauce is an authentic vinegar-based North Carolina barbecue sauce made in the little eastern NC town of Nashville (yes, there's a Nashville in North Carolina). A local favorite since the 1970s, George's Original Barbecue Sauce was recognized last year as "Best in the Carolinas" by the popular cooking magazine "Every Day with Rachael Ray". What distinguishes George's BBQ Sauce from other eastern NC barbeque sauces is that it tempers the tart vinegar base with a touch of apples and tomatoes, for a sauce with that unmistakable eastern NC vinegar tang but just a hint of mellow sweetness. George's Hot BBQ Sauce adds a nice amount of red peppers to the original recipe, for a nice spicy bite. Both the Original and the Hot are ideal for pulled pork barbecue, and also for marinating. For folks who prefer a thicker BBQ sauce that's great with ribs or chicken, George's Special Barbecue Sauce adds lots of tomatoes to the original vinegar base, plus some jalapenos for a fiery kick.

All three varieties of George's Barbecue Sauce are now available in plastic mini-bottles, each holding 8 oz of this delicious North Carolina BBQ sauce. These mini bottles are a great way to try a new flavor, and they're also perfect as a souvenir, party favor, or Christmas stocking stuffer. They're quite popular with folks planning a North Carolina wedding who want to give a taste of NC to each of their guests to take home with them. And regardless of which flavor or bottle size you order, you'll receive FREE recipes when you buy George's Barbecue Sauce at the Carolina Sauce Company online store.

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