Wednesday, March 18, 2009

George's BBQ Sauce Gift Boxes Back in Stock!

Newsflash: One of our most popular gift items, the George's Barbecue Sauce Gift Box, is back in stock! George's Barbecue Sauce is made in eastern North Carolina in the traditional style, with a tangy vinegar base that's seasoned with a dash of red pepper and naturally sweetened with apples and just a touch of tomato. The Original George's BBQ Sauce is the mildest in terms of spiciness, and was recognized last summer by the popular cooking magazine "Every Day With Rachael Ray" as the best in the Carolinas. George's Hot Barbecue Sauce takes the Original recipe and adds a good deal more red pepper, for a fiery kick. And the unique George's Special Barbecue Sauce has lots more tomato for more body, plus jalapeno peppers for extra heat and tang.

The George's BBQ Sauce Gift Box holds your choice of 3 full-size bottles of George's Barbecue Sauce in any combination (3 of the same flavor, or 2 of one flavor and 1 of another). Just make sure you specify which flavor or flavors you want when you place your order. The box itself is sturdy, made of heavy-weight white cardboard to protect the glass bottles -- and we can giftwrap it for you, too, if you're giving it as a gift. Best of all, the George's BBQ Sauce Gift Box comes with 8 mouthwatering recipes! Order it today from the Carolina Sauce Company online store.

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