Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thomas Sauce: Two New Varieties!

Thomas Sauce is a tangy tomato and vinegar marinade and BBQ sauce from Greensboro, NC that's based on an old family recipe dating back to the 1930s. The original Thomas Sauce, which comes in 5oz and 14oz bottles, is spiced for full flavor rather than peppery heat, resulting in a versatile food-friendly marinade and sauce that brings out the best in your meats and poultry without overpowering. Because of its pourability, the original Thomas Sauce works nicely as a zesty table sauce as well as on pulled pork barbeque, and in recipes for meatloaf, stews, baked beans, Piedmont slaw, and more. For folks who prefer a sauce with more "body" so that it clings to ribs, BBQ chicken and other such food, we now carry the Thick Thomas Sauce, which has the same great flavor as the original but a richer, thicker texture. Thick Thomas Sauce can be used the same way as ketchup because it won't drip or run off your burgers or fries. And for folks who prefer a spicier, hotter sauce, we now have Mildly Hot Thomas Sauce, which adds just enough black and red pepper to the original mild recipe to deliver some peppery zip to all your favorite foods.

Both the Thick Thomas Sauce and Mildly Hot Thomas Sauce come in generous 14 oz bottles. Along with the two sizes of the original Thomas Sauce, the new varieties of this North Carolina favorite are available now at the Carolina Sauce Company online store.

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