Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Best Hot Sauces for Under $4

Today is Tax Day, and I figured some folks might need cheering up after feeling their wallets get lighter. I know that tasty food always cheers me up, and so does a good bargain. If you're the same way, then the following list of great hot sauces for under $4 should bring a smile to your face!

*Iguana Mean Green Hot 'n Tasty Jalapeno Pepper Sauce: Lots of green jalapeno flavor and medium heat that will complement, not overwhelm, your food

*El Yucateco Mexican Hot Sauces: Made in Mexico, El Yucateco comes in 6 different varieties all under $4 each, including red and green habanero sauces, jalapeno and chipotle sauces, Caribbean hot sauce, and a super-hot traditional Mayan hot sauce!

*Most flavors of Melinda's Hot Sauce, made the traditional Caribbean way, are under $4 a bottle, including the mustard-based Melinda's Amarillo Hot Sauce as well as several habanero pepper hot sauces

*All 4 varieties of Nando's Peri-Peri Pepper Sauces from South Africa, made with all-natural ingredients and Kosher, to boot!

*Samson's Sauce, a peppery old-fashioned hot sauce from North Carolina, with a very funny label

*The original Scorned Woman Hot Sauce, a fiery vinegar-based, multi-pepper hot sauce, and its fruity, slightly tamer sister, Scorned Woman Sweet Majic Hot Sauce

*All varieties of Texas Pete Hot Sauce, an all-purpose, not-too-spicy vinegar hot sauce that's actually made in North Carolina, not Texas, and is perfect for making homemade Buffalo wings

Now who can resist bargains like that??

Zestfully yours,

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