Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Marie Sharp's Hot Sauces Back In Stock

Newsflash: At long last, we have received our back-ordered inventory of Marie Sharp's Belizean Heat and Marie Sharp's Fiery Habanero Hot Sauce! Made in Belize from local ingredients and using traditional recipes, Marie Sharp's Hot Sauces are hard to find outside of the Caribbean, and are prized for their authentic flavor and fire. Both the Fiery Hot Sauce and Belizean Heat Hot Sauce are intensely hot and definitely for seasoned chileheads (and not for folks with sensitive palates), with the Belizean Heat being significantly hotter thanks to the addition of capsicum oil (pepper extract). The Belizean Heat is enhanced with New Orleans spices, making it particularly suited for adding serious heat to Cajun and Creole dishes. Marie Sharp's Fiery Hot Sauce is made with red habanero and has an honest, straightforward peppery flavor and high heat level that will spice up your food without altering the food's natural flavors. For the best prices, get all of your favorite Marie Sharp's Hot Sauces at the Carolina Sauce Company -- but don't delay, as these hot sauces tend to sell out quickly and can sometimes be hard to re-stock.

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