Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pickapeppa Mango Sauces, for Fans of Ruth's Mango Sauce

If you are a fan of the old Ruth's Mango Sauces from Jamaica, which are no longer on the market, I have great news: Pickapeppa Mango Sauces have replicated the recipes, and these deliciously spicy sauces are now available from the Carolina Sauce Company! Blending sunny tropical mango with Caribbean peppers, zingy ginger and other all-natural ingredients, these fruity hot sauces are savory-sweet and pleasantly piquant, capturing the essence of island cuisine for your enjoyment at home. The Spicy Mango Sauce has just a bit of peppery heat, while the Hot Mango Sauce fires things up with plenty of hot peppers -- but don't worry, the heat won't overpower the flavor of the sauce or of your food. If you enjoy mango hot sauce, you will love both of these offerings from Pickapeppa, one of the oldest and most respected producers of fine Jamaican sauces and condiments. Enjoy Pickapeppa Mango Sauces just as you did Ruth's Mango Sauces: on poultry, fish and seafood, meat and game, stir-fry and grilled dishes, with rice, on burgers, and any other way you please! Both flavors are gluten free, very low sodium, all natural and have zero trans fat. In other words, they're delicious AND good for you, too!

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