Monday, February 15, 2010

Best Selling Marinades & Dressings for 2009

Below is our list of the top ten best-selling marinades and dressings for 2009 at the Carolina Sauce Company:

1. After a long absence from the market due to manufacturing problems, Walkerswood Spicy Jamaican Jerk Marinade made a triumphant return last year to become our best-selling marinade for 2009.

2. Big Daddy's Marinade, a North Carolina favorite with plenty of vinegar tang and savory spice, was our second best selling marinade last year, and it comes with a free card full of recipe ideas.

3. Also from North Carolina, Thomas Marinade finished in third place last year and is an all-natural, old-fashioned "soak" that will tenderize even the toughest cuts of meat.

4. Nando's Lime & Cilantro Marinade held on to the 4th place slot on our list of best-selling marinades (same as 2008). Made in South Africa and featuring citrusy lime with pungent cilantro and a dash of fiery peri-peri peppers, this mildly spicy, pleasantly tangy and velvety-smooth marinade is delicious with chicken and seafood -- and it's Kosher, too!

5. Another South African favorite, Nando's Peri-Peri BBQ Marinade, came in 5th last year. Inspired by colonial Portuguese cooking and flavored with authentic South African seasonings, this spicy marinade is fabulous on chicken, pork and beef (and it's Kosher).

6. Moving up to sixth place on our list of best-selling dressings and marinades is the Asian-inspired Dave's Gourmet Soyabi Sauce. As the name suggests, Soyabi blends savory soy sauce with piquant wasabi, making it an ideal dipping sauce for sushi, spring rolls, tempura and more. You can also marinate tuna steaks, salmon and other seafood in Dave's Soyabi.

7. Also moving up in the annual standings is one of my favorite dressings, Mama T's Olive Oil Vinagrette from the North Carolina Outer Banks. This classic herb-infused vinaigrette is perfect for all your favorite green salads and steamed vegetables, and also doubles as a simple yet flavorful marinade for fish, seafood and chicken.

8. Nando's Sundried Tomato & Basil Marinade also moved up a slot from 2008 to 2009. This Mediterranean-inspired marinade from the world-famous Nando's Chickenland restaurants is thick and rich, and pleasantly heated by South African peri-peri peppers. And like all Nando's products, it's also Kosher.

9. Tortuga Mango & Ginger Stir-Fry Sauce is an exotic tropical treat from the Caribbean that's mouthwatering with seafood and chicken as well as in rice and veggie dishes. And it's currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company!

10. Completing our list of the top ten best-selling marinades for 2009 is Bone Suckin' Yaki from the makers of Bone Suckin' Sauce. Don't be fooled by the name: The teriyaki-inspired Yaki is YUMMY with steak and other cuts of meat, and also adds rich flavor to casseroles, stews, seafood, stir-fry dishes and ground beef.

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