Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Best-Selling Mustards & Ketchups for 2009

Last year we added zesty ketchups to our condiment offerings at the Carolina Sauce Company online store, and several finished on our list of the Top Ten Best-Selling Mustards and Ketchups for 2009. Here is the complete list:

1. The number one best-selling mustard or ketchup last year was the spicy and sweet Bone Suckin' Mustard, made in North Carolina by the same folks who make the world-famous Bone Suckin' Sauce -- and it comes with free recipes!

2. In second place was one of my personal favorites, Scorned Woman Mustard, a thick, hot & spicy savory mustard with great texture and gourmet flavor

3. Texas Pete Honey Mustard Sauce, which is made in NC despite the name, once again finished 3rd (same as in 2008), and has a pourable consistency so you can use it as a not-too-sweet and pleasantly piquant salad dressing or as a dip for pretzels, cheese cubes, chicken nuggets and veggies

4. The award-winning Dave's Hurtin' Habanero & Honey Mustard repeated its 4th place finish from 2008. This mouthwatering mustard features fiery-hot habanero heat that's tempered by sweet honey.

5. Continuing the repeat finishes, the incendiary Dave's Insanity Mustard, whose name says it all, was the fifth best-selling mustard last year (as it was in 2008), and yes, it is insanely hot!

6. In sixth place on our best-selling condiments list was our overall best-selling ketchup, the smoky-hot, all-natural Melinda's Chipotle Ketchup, packed with amazingly tasty and complex flavors, and NO high-fructose corn syrup!

7. Durn Good Hot & Spicy Mustard, a traditional yellow mustard that's revved up with just the right amount of peppery heat, came in 7th last year -- and it comes in two convenient sizes

8. The Carolina Sauce Company's Mustard Lover's Gift Set, featuring 5 of our most popular mustards at a discounted price, ended up in 8th place for 2009, just as it did the previous year

9. Another new ketchup, the fiery-hot Melinda's Habanero Ketchup, debuted strongly and finished 9th on our list of 2009's best-selling mustards and ketchups. It tastes great, is all-natural, has no HFCS, and it's currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company!

10. Completing our list of 2009's best-selling ketchup & mustards was Melinda's Jalapeno Ketchup, a feisty, flavorful and all-natural ketchup made with no HFCS

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