Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Marie Sharp's No Wimps Allowed Hot Sauce

When a hot sauce calls itself "No Wimps Allowed", it had better live up to its name or serious fiery foods fanatics will not be amused. Well folks, this incendiary creation from Marie Sharp's Hot Sauces most certainly lives up to its cautionary name. Hailing from Belize and made in the traditional Caribbean hot sauce style (hot peppers in a vinegar-carrot base), Marie Sharp's No Wimps Allowed Hot Sauce lists capsicum oil (pepper extract) as its second ingredient -- as if using habanero pepper mash as the main ingredient wasn't fiery enough! This ultra-hot sauce is serious and unforgiving in its heat level, with a burn that keeps on burning (and burning, and burning), so be sure to use only a drop at a time and have plenty of milk or water on hand if you need to soothe your tongue. Don't rely on carbonated beverages (i.e., soda or beer) as they will actually intensify the heat because of how the carbonation (and alcohol, in the case of beer) interacts with the capsicum oil.

For the sake of your tongue, it's best to use No Wimps Allowed as an ingredient to spice up chili, stews, Caribbean and creole dishes, stir-fry recipes, ground beef, and savory sauces, rather than straight on food. OK, you've now been warned. If you are nevertheless brave (or foolhardy) enough to use this hot sauce directly on served food, you will be pleasantly surprised with its appealing flavor and texture. Unlike other extract-spiked hot sauces, Marie Sharp's No Wimps Allowed has a natural habanero flavor blended with tasty creole spices plus savory onion and garlic. And because Marie Sharps uses pepper mash, fresh carrots, and a bit of tomato, the texture is richer and more substantial than that of regular vinegar-based hot sauces. So if you are an experienced and Teflon-tongued chilehead (in other words, not a wimp), you will enjoy having Marie Sharp's No Wimps Allowed Hot Sauce in your stable of dangerously hot hot sauces.

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