Thursday, February 4, 2010

Iguana Red Cayenne Pepper Sauce

Who said all good cayenne pepper sauces must come from Louisiana? Iguana Red Cayenne Pepper Sauce is a feisty and flavorful cayenne hot sauce from Costa Rica that's sure to please fans of Louisiana hot sauces as well as Caribbean hot sauces. The reason this moderately hot pepper sauce is so tasty is because its vinegar base is enhanced with tomatoes, carrots, a touch of molasses and a dash of onion and garlic. In other words, it's not a thin, watery vinegar hot sauce with a single note of peppery heat. Instead, all the ingredients come together in a harmonious blend of flavor and fire that makes Iguana Red hot sauce a delicious way to spice up pretty much any dish. And if you enjoy a hot sauce with a more substantial mouthfeel, the rich texture of Iguana Red Cayenne Pepper Sauce is sure to satisfy your palate. It's terrific on meats, poultry, seafood, egg dishes (I love Iguana Red as a breakfast or brunch hot sauce), red and black bean dishes, and even on pizza and sandwiches. Iguana Red is also great in soup, chili, homemade marinades, and splashed on mac and cheese (I kid you not). And if you're watching your diet, you'll be thrilled to learn that this flavor-packed hot sauce is very low in sodium (20mg per teaspoon) and has only 1g of carbs per teaspoon. At only $4.25 a bottle from the Carolina Sauce Company online store, it's practically a steal!

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