Monday, March 1, 2010

2009's Best-Selling Steak Sauce & Pasta Sauce

Here is the list of the Top Ten Best-Selling Steak Sauce & Pasta Sauce for 2009 at the Carolina Sauce Company online store:

1. It should come as no surprise that our all-time best-selling product across all categories, Castle Sauce from Greensboro NC, is our best-selling steak sauce for 2009. Its food-friendly mustard-tomato flavor with just the right amount of tang makes it a favorite of young and old alike.

2. Tortuga Caribbean Steak Sauce adds tropical ingredients to a traditional steak sauce base for an intriguingly complex, subtly fruity and pleasantly piquant steak sauce that will thrill the palate with its island flavor -- and it's on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company!

3. Our best-selling pasta sauce (and third on this list) is Mama Thomas Marinara, a light and fresh classic marinara made in NC using all-natural ingredients and a traditional Italian recipe -- and it's also on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company!

4. Olio & Spices Red Wine Onion Sauce is the inspired creation of an Israeli chef, and is made in Israel using the finest all-natural ingredients. This elegant table sauce is the perfect accompaniment to robust dishes including steak and roast poultry, plus it's Kosher and comes with several pages of FREE recipes!

5. Our second-best-selling pasta sauce for 2009 is Mama Thomas Pasta Sauce, a thick, rich and robust sauce that's perfect for spaghetti and other pasta as well as all your favorite Italian recipes.

6. Samson's Town & Country Sauce is a spicy, tangy and subtly sweet table sauce for steak, chicken, meats and all sorts of other food -- and it has an old-fashioned humorous label that's worth reading for your amusement

7. If you enjoy fiery foods and are searching for a hot steak sauce, you must try Melinda's Habanero Steak Sauce from the makers of the world-famous Melinda's Hot Sauces. This sauce features a traditional steak sauce base that's spiked with habanero peppers plus a few tropical ingredients for exotically delicious heat

8. Susie's Tamarind Tango from Antigua is another tropical sauce that's amazingly good with steak and other meats, featuring plenty of tart and tangy tamarinds tempered with sugarcane syrup and a touch of hot peppers

9. Made from an old Sicilian recipe, Santo & Josie Tomato Artichoke Pasta Sauce is an old-fashioned, robust and hearty spaghetti sauce that's so good you'll swear it tastes home-made!

10. Completing our list of the top ten best-selling pasta sauces and steak sauces is Raisin the Steaks, a gourmet steak sauce that perfectly balances sweet & tart-tangy flavors and is made with raisins, tamarinds and a touch of citrus -- and it's on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company!

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