Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Recipes, Gift Baskets, Flowers & More

Easter is this coming Sunday, on the Western as well as the Eastern Orthodox calendar. If you are celebrating Easter, you may already be planning on making traditional family recipes. But if you're interested in trying out something new or different, or simply reading about different food traditions associated with Easter, here is a useful article on traditional Easter recipes and foods. Another interesting read is this article on Orthodox Easter customs and foods.

Ham is a traditional Easter food for many here in the U.S. If you're planning on serving ham this Sunday, here are some helpful tips for buying ham. I've also posted some tasty ham recipes in the past, including one for apple-glazed ham, and also for sweet & spicy mustard-glazed ham.

For others, lamb will play the starring role for Easter dinner. If that's your plan, here are some excellent tips for cooking lamb. You might also be relieved to learn that there's still time to get some old-fashioned pepper jelly from the North Carolina mountains, to serve with your lamb (and even with your ham). You can also still order gorgeous grower-fresh flowers and stunning floral arrangements in time for Easter - just click on the banner below to see our lovely (and reasonably-priced!) selections:

Send Flowers

And don't forget to send a festive Easter basket to your loved ones - simply click below to choose the perfect Easter gift:

Send Flowers

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