Monday, March 22, 2010

Who Dat? Hot Sauce is Coming Back!

Good news for Saints fans, New Orleans natives, and folks who enjoy authentic Louisiana yellow pepper hot sauce: Who Dat? Hot Sauce will be back soon! We are currently out of stock of this tasty, all-purpose hot sauce, and because of the brouhaha with the NFL earlier this year we thought that we wouldn't be able to get any more. But according to the manufacturer Mossy Bayou Foods, Who Dat Hot Sauce will be back -- with a snazzier new label, too! -- as soon as the Louisiana pepper crop is ready. The special hot peppers used to make this tasty sauce have to be picked while they are still yellow, which gives Who Dat sauce its unique natural color, food-friendly medium heat and delicious flavor. Because most farmers pick the hot peppers while they're green OR after they've ripened and turn red, naturally yellow hot sauces made with Louisiana peppers are rather rare. But Mossy Bayou Foods has received commitments from farmers to deliver this spring's crop while they're in that brief yellow stage, which should be in the next few weeks. And once the yellow peppers are in, production of Who Dat sauce will resume. So, we expect to have our fresh new stock in about two months.

If you'd like to be notified when Who Dat Hot Sauce is available again, simply send an email to sales"AT"carolinasauce"DOT"com (replace the "at" with @ and "dot" with a period), and we'll add you to our waiting list and send you an email as soon as Who Dat sauce is back in stock.

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