Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ole Time BBQ Sauce & Hot Sauce are Back!

Good news for fans of Ole Time Barbecue: After an absence of about 6 months, both the original Ole Time BBQ Sauce and the spicy Ole Time Hot Sauce are FINALLY back in stock and available for purchase from the Carolina Sauce Company online store! Ole Time BBQ is a beloved old BBQ joint in Raleigh, NC, that serves some of the best eastern NC-style pulled pork barbecue, hushpuppies and collards in the area. In the past year they've been quite busy with their new second location, and had to "back-burner" the commercial bottling of their two famous sauces. But this morning I received the phone call I had been waiting for since January: The sauces are back! And as of this afternoon, we have fully re-stocked both products. So if you miss your Ole Time sauce, the waiting is over! And if you've never tried them before, keep reading to learn more about them.

The original Ole Time Barbecue Sauce is a family recipe from the tiny hamlet of Snow Hill NC that's been handed down for at least 3 generations, and blends a little ketchup as well as some unusual ingredients into the tangy vinegar base for a rich, robust old-fashioned flavor. Ole Time Hot Sauce is a spicier, more typical eastern NC barbecue sauce consisting of the traditional vinegar base with plenty of red and black pepper, spices and no tomatoes or sugar. Both sauces are wonderful on pulled pork barbecue, of course, but are also great for marinating and basting ribs and other meats as well as chicken. I like to add a few splashes of the Hot Sauce to collards and other greens, fried catfish, hushpuppies, fries, and even scrambled eggs. The Barbecue Sauce adds great flavor to ground beef recipes including meatloaf, burgers and sloppy joes. So if you want to try some authentic North Carolina BBQ sauce, give one or both of the Ole Time sauces a try -- you won't be disappointed!

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