Friday, August 12, 2011

Heartbreaking Dawn's Hot Sauces

We're pleased to announce the addition of three new hot sauces to the offerings at the Carolina Sauce Company. All of these hot sauces skillfully blend fiery hot peppers with unique and creative all-natural ingredients to produce award-winning results.

Heartbreaking Dawn’s 1498 Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Sauce features the rare Trinidad scorpion pepper together with scotch bonnet peppers in a traditional Caribbean base of carrots and cider vinegar for a burst of brash heat that will please any serious fan of fiery foods. But what really makes this hot sauce stand out from others is the inspired addition of apricot and blueberries to complement the subtle floral notes of the scorpion pepper. Don't be fooled into thinking that this is some "sissy" hot sauce, however: The heat level is as big and bold as the flavors are deliciously intriguing. Heartbreaking Dawn's 1498 Hot Sauce pairs especially well with grilled shrimp, tropical fish dishes, roast pork and chicken.

Heartbreaking Dawn's 1542 Chocolate Habanero Sauce is another incendiary work of culinary art. This super-hot and super-tasting hot sauce gets its firepower from the chocolate habanero pepper (also called the Congo pepper), which some consider to be the hottest habanero pepper variety on the planet. Once again Heartbreaking Dawn's begins with a traditional Caribbean vinegar-carrot base but enhances the flavor palette by adding savory cumin, pungent garlic and a sprinkling of brown sugar for balance. Heartbreaking Dawn's 1542 Chocolate Habanero Sauce will complement any hearty food that can stand up to significant pepper heat: Grilled and roast meats of all types are a natural choice, as well as robust beans and rice, and even hamburgers and chili.

If the preceding two hot sauces aren't hot enough for you, then Heartbreaking Dawn’s 1841 Ghost Pepper Sauce should do the trick. Made with the Bhut jolokia or Ghost Pepper, which is currently recognized as the world's hottest hot pepper, this ultra-hot sauce is not for sensitive tongues, weak stomachs or delicate hearts. To borrow an ad slogan, a little dab will do ya when using this hot sauce. Unlike other jolokia hot sauces that are all about the heat, however, Heartbreaking Dawn’s Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce pleases the palate with its surprising blend of pears and apples to give it a subtly sweet flavor with a hint of fruit. This super-hot hot sauce goes well with ribs, burgers, kabobs, subs and sandwiches, and on anything else that you're brave enough to eat it on.

All three flavors of Heartbreaking Dawn's hot sauces are currently on sale at the Carolina Sauces online store.

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