Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wasabi Peanuts are Back!

Happy days are here again for fans of wasabi-coated peanuts: They're back in stock at the Carolina Sauce Company, and they're currently on sale! Wasabi Bombs are plump peanuts enveloped in a crunchy coating made from real wasabi mustard and rice cracker flour. Packing a powerful sinus-clearing wasabi punch, Wasabi Bombs are a fun and tasty snack you can enjoy whenever you're craving something zesty that won't burn out your mouth, unlike chili-pepper snacks that leave your tongue on fire. Like a lively but well-mannered house-guest, these wasabi-coated peanuts confidently announce their presence upon first bite but don't overstay their welcome, allowing your taste buds to entertain other foods or simply rest a little before you pop the next Wasabi Bomb in your mouth. And unlike most commercial wasabi snacks found at supermarkets, Wasabi Bombs are all-natural and don't use artificial colors or flavors.

If you enjoy the zippy kick of wasabi with sushi or wasabi-coated peas, or if you're looking for a high-protein low-carb spicy snack, give our new Wasabi Bombs peanuts a try. I'll bet your first can won't be your last....

Zestfully yours,

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