Friday, September 23, 2011

Johnston County Ham's Mangalitsa Ham Wins Cooking Light Magazine Award

Congratulations to our partner Johnston County Hams, whose Curemaster's Reserve Mangalitsa Sampler won in the "Best in Meat" category in Cooking Light Magazine's second annual Taste Test competition! This European style cured ham is produced from the Mangalitsa pig, an Austrian breed imported recently by Heath Putnam Farms to the United States. Mangalitsa pigs have more monounsaturated fat than modern breeds, producing ham with a buttery texture, superior flavor, and satisfying, complex aroma that is prized by discerning connoisseurs. Johnston County Ham's Curemaster Reserve hams are the first Mangalitsa hams to be cured in North America.

We're proud to be able to offer these rare, fine gourmet hams in a variety of sizes and price points to fit every budget. You can order Mangalitsa ham in the award-winning Sampler, which comes with three 8-oz. vacuum-sealed packs of sliced ham; as an uncooked country ham averaging around 13 lbs.; as a traditional whole ham with the leg and foot on, for placing in a European ham rack for slicing or hung until carving; or as a Mangalitsa shoulder, which is leaner and more boldly flavored than the ham.

A handful of other North Carolina food and beverage companies also won awards in this year's Taste Test competition. The winners are highlighted in the October 2011 issue of Cooking Light Magazine, which is available now at news stands and grocery stores.

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PS: Visit our Country Hams page to see our entire selection of flavorful, succulent hams available from Johnston County Hams.

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