Friday, March 16, 2012

Best-Selling Meats & Cheese for 2011

NC Country Ham We began offering meats and cheese on the Carolina Sauce Company website through our new partners in the latter half of 2011. Here are the five most popular meat and cheese products for last year.

1. Bone-In Whole Cooked Country Ham: These award-winning country hams come from Johnston County, NC, and come ready to serve.  Slow-cooked, fully-trimmed and finished with an old-fashioned brown sugar glaze for succulent flavor, whole hams range between 7 to 10 lbs each.  Smaller "buffet" style hams are also available, as well as boneless whole hams and packs of pre-sliced country hams. You can find these and more on our Country Ham page.

NC bacon
2. Dry-Cured NC Bacon:  Hailing from Johnston County, this thick-cut bacon is dry-cured and hickory-smoked for succulent, mouthwatering favor and irresistible aroma. The special aging process keeps this bacon from shrinking as it cooks, unlike the cheap mass-produced commercial bacon from the supermarket. This dry-cured North Carolina bacon is available pre-sliced for convenience, or in 2 lb. slabs if you prefer to cut your bacon as needed.

3. Boneless Buffet Style Cooked Country Ham: This is THE ham you'll want to serve for Easter, Christmas and any other special occasion, and it also makes an impressive choice for Sunday dinner.  Averaging about 3 lbs in weight, it's perfect for smaller families.  The old-fashioned flavor is deep and rich, and the buttery texture is sublime. Each ham comes ready-to-serve, vacuum-sealed and in a traditional cloth bag.

Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese
4. Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese:  One taste of this remarkable, robust cheese and you'll never reach for the green can again.  Imported from Italy, this authentic parmigiano-reggiano cheese is made from unpasteurized part-skim cow's milk and boasts a full, pungent flavor that will enhance all of your favorite Italian dishes from pasta to pizza to chicken or eggplant parm.  The firm texture is perfect for shredding and grating, and you can also serve pieces as part of a cheese plate with walnuts and pears, or drizzled with a little balsamic vinegar or honey.  You can find other fine cheeses, both domestic and imported, on our Cheese & Cheese Gifts page.

5. Bacon Gift Certificate from Bacon Freak:  Every bacon-lover will appreciate a gift certificate redeemable for bacon, bacon-flavored condiments and foods, bacon-themed apparel and accessories, and even bacon-scented cologne. These electronic bacon gift certificates are available in a wide range of amounts to fit any budget, can be printed out if you prefer to give a paper certificate, and they never expire.  We also offer gift certificates for many other types of foods, including hot sauces & BBQ sauces, gourmet imports and more, and you'll find them on our Gift Certificates page.

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PS:  All of our best-seller lists are conveniently available for your browsing on our Best-Selling Products page.

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