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Top 10 Best-Selling Salsa, Wing Sauces & Condiments for 2011

Blue Crab Salsa
March Madness is here, which means it's time to stock up on zesty salsas, tangy wing sauces, and flavorful condiments for burgers, subs and other sports-watching food.  You'll hear the cheering from family and friends when you serve up their favorite snacks with any of the following items on our list of 2011's best-selling wing sauces, salsas and condiments:

1. Peppers Original Blue Crab Salsa: If you love the sweet flavor of Maryland blue crab and enjoy spicy salsa, this one will blow you away. Real crabmeat is blended into all-natural Mexican style tomato salsa for a fresh and festive coastal flavor with medium heat to tickle your taste buds.

2. Anchor Bar Original Buffalo Wing Sauce: This is THE sauce that put Buffalo wings on the culinary map, along with their birthplace, the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY. Spicy cayenne peppers provide the medium heat and tangy flavor for this buttery sauce that's perfect for chicken wings, Buffalo shrimp, and any other dippable snack when you want to experience authentic Buffalo wing flavor.

Bone Suckin' Mustard
3. Bone Suckin' Sweet Hot Mustard: Mellow honey mustard gets a zippy kick from hot peppers in this smooth, sweet mustard that can be used for dipping (pretzels, chicken nuggets, tater tots, fries, veggies, etc.) as well as for slathering on sandwiches, burgers & hot dogs, and for glazing baked ham, ribs, chops and more.

4. Peppers Zesty Blue Crab Salsa: Similar to the Original Blue Crab Salsa in flavor, Zesty Blue Crab Salsa ups the ante by adding potent horseradish for extra zip and additional spicy peppers for a hotter burn. And there's still plenty of crabmeat and tomato goodness to satisfy your craving for a scrumptiously unusual hot salsa.

5. Melinda's Jalapeno Ketchup: Who said ketchup has to be a sissy, little-kids' condiment? This all-natural ketchup delivers a feisty peppery kick with jalapeno peppers in a thick rich tomato base that's not sticky-sweet like grocery store brands.  It'll pick up the flavor when you enjoy it on burgers or hot dogs, and in your favorite recipes calling for ketchup.

Melinda's Habanero Ketchup
6. Melinda's Habanero Ketchup: This fiery-hot ketchup is not for the weak of tongue.  Caribbean habanero peppers provide considerably more heat than jalapenos, making this grown-up ketchup THE choice of chileheads.

7. Pickapeppa Brown Sauce: This classic Caribbean brown sauce from Jamaica is similar to a steak sauce, but with a spicier, more complex flavor with tropical fruit notes. Enjoy on any hearty foods including steaks, pork chops, London broil, roasts, grilled chicken, hamburgers, and even with rice and beans.

8. Anchor Bar Hotter Wing Sauce: With the same tangy flavor as the Original Anchor Bar Wing Sauce, only hotter, this spicy-hot Buffalo wing sauce won't disappoint fans of really hot hot wings. Just make sure you have some ranch dressing or blue cheese dip to help cool your mounth.

Walkerswood One Stop Savory Sauce
9. Walkerwswood One Stop Savory Sauce:  This is another Caribbean brown sauce from Jamaica, but with a slightly different flavor than the Pickapeppa version. One Stop Savory Sauce is a tad bit spicier, and the sweetness seems more mellow, possibly from the addition of bananas to this deliciously robust tropical steak sauce.

10. DEFCON 1 Extreme Heat Wing Sauce: If you can handle "suicide wings," you need this ultra-hot Buffalo-style wing sauce.  The texture is richer and creamier due to the addition of real cream to this tangy cayenne wing sauce, but don't let that fool you: Aged cayenne peppers are the primary ingredient, and the heat gets a considerable boost from the addition of pepper extract for an intense, unrelenting and extreme heat level. Use sparingly, because a little goes a long way!

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