Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Big Bob Gibson White BBQ Sauce is Back!

Alabama is famous for its creamy-tangy mayonnaise-based white barbecue sauce. According to legend, Big Bob Gibson came up with this unique style of barbeque sauce in 1925, and it quickly became a hit among local folk. Today, his grandchildren continue to make this zesty white BBQ sauce at the renowned Big Bob Gibson's Restaurant in Decatur, AL, slathering it on chicken and ribs served up to eager, hungry patrons. Previously unknown outside of Alabama, white BBQ sauce is now sought by barbecue and cooking enthusiasts far and wide thanks to TV food shows and celebrity chefs.

While Big Bob Gibson White Barbecue Sauce is certainly delicious on ribs, in my opinion it's even better with poultry (chicken, turkey or game fowl) and all sorts of fish and seafood. The flavor is subtly tangy with just a touch of peppery kick at the end, and it will complement, not overwhelm, your food. Use it as a marinade and basting sauce for juicy, succulent results on the grill, on the stove or in the oven, and then serve additional sauce at the table for dipping or pouring. Try Big Bob Gibson's White BBQ Sauce as a chicken wing sauce, a dip for raw vegetables or fried finger food, and even poured over a baked potato as a substitute for sour cream or butter. Mix a little bit of white barbecue sauce into mayonnaise-based salads like slaw, potato, egg, chicken, tuna or pasta salad to add some zip, or drizzle it over greens and other vegetables instead of using salad dressing. Try it in recipes that call for ranch dressing, for a change of pace.

You can now purchase this unique award-winning barbecue sauce on our recently updated Southern Foods page on the Carolina Sauce Company website.

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